Tips For Choosing the Best Merchant Services Provider For Your Business

You are excited to see your business start making sales. #chaching

The question, though, is, do you have the right system in place for collecting all the various payment methods with each transaction?

The reality is, not all providers of merchant services are the same. For this reason, it is critical that you choose the right one for processing payments both reliably and efficiently.

Here's a rundown on how to choose the best merchant services provider for your business -- just in time for the busy fall and upcoming holiday shopping season.

Let's jump in!

Select a Provider Merchant Services Based on Your Business Type

It's critical that you choose a provider of merchant services based on the type of company you are running. Let's take a peek at what various types of business owners should look for.


Let's say that you are a retailer. You need a solution that will allow you to accept all credit card payment forms, such as government cards, gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards.

Ideally, you should also make sure that the point of sale/terminal equipment you use can accept the increasingly popular Android Pay and Apple Pay. These solutions come in handy no matter how large or small your retail enterprise may be.

Specialized Retail

Are you a specialized retailer? Do you sell unique items such as CBD, vaping, or firearms supplies. There are some retail categories that many banks will not accept meaning you will get turned down for a merchant account. These categories require using banks that allow them and are willing to work with them.

Restaurant Owner

Perhaps you operate your own eatery. In this situation, you should seek a payment processing solution that would allow your customers to pay for meals at one of your tables or at a quick-serve counter. Restaurant point of sale systems can be as simple as order entry all the way to complex systems allowing online ordering, employee management, inventory tracking and much more.

A solution for processing credit cards is also available for food trucks through the right service provider. This may include using your phone with a Bluetooth attachment for your customer to insert or hover their credit card over the reader.

Online Business Owners

If you have your own online shop, the right merchant service provider will enable your online shoppers to add items to their shopping carts via an eCommerce platform. Then, your customers should be able to easily pay for your offerings with a debit card, major credit card or ACH payment option.

Another consideration is whether you want a seamless experience for your customer meaning whether your customer stays on your web site or they leave your web site to pay on services such as Pay Pal and then return to your web site.

Other Qualities to Look For in a Provider of Merchant Services

No matter what type of business your run, make sure that your provider of merchant services takes your company seriously by designating a reliable person for your business account.

In addition, your chosen service provider should provide you with top-tier communication. This includes being honest about service costs from the start.

How We Can Help

The goal is to select a service provider with a track record of facilitating secure and quick Web transactions at competitive processing rates.

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