Point-Of-Sale Systems

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HotSauce is a hardware-based POS designed specifically for Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs. With hundreds of different features. HotSauce can be configured and customized to meet your specific modifications & needs. To see a full list of Hotsauce features, click here. To review pricing, please click here.

Paradise POS

Searching for a reliable point of sale that can handle the speed of your restaurant and still reach out to your customer base? Look no further! Paradise POS is here with all of your quick service needs along with multiple hardware bundles to choose from! In a quick service fast-paced environment, it is essential to have a POS system that is dependable and easy to use. To review features and pricing for Paradise POS, please click here. For a complete overview, please click here.

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Linga POS

Linga is a cloud-based POS that works through Ipads developed by the Benson Hospitality for the Pizza industry.

With Table layouts, Bar Tabs, Tableside Ordering, Delivery Tracking and Online Ordering; Linda can handle a variety of business models. To review features and pricing, please click here. Please click here for an overview of the Linga POS.

NCr silver & NCR silver Pro

NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro are cloud-based POS systems that work through iPads with full front and back-end capabilities, perfect for Retail and Restaurant. NCR Silver is perfect for a single storefront, quick service restaurants, food trucks and independent service providers.

NCR Silver Pro is more robust than NCR Silver, designed for the needs of full service restaurants that need more advanced functionality. Stations can communicate between each other through a Mac Mini (required). Please click here for a complete overview of NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro. To view a full list of features and pricing, please click here.

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Retail Cloud

Retail Cloud is a multiplatform POS system that can work either as cloud-based with Android or software-based using Windows.

With scheduling support and inventory management tools, Retail Cloud is perfect for Liquor Stores, Shoe Stores, Salons, Spas and much more. For an entire overview of Retail Cloud, please click here.