Features Overview

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Feature Rich & Affordable

Inventory Management


  • Countdown inventory

  • Out of Stock options

  • Use barcode scan to scan items in and out


  • Use recipes to track ingredient usage

  • Inventory locations to track by storage area

  • iPad allows for mobile inventory counts

  • Track by ounce, pound, item or case

Offline Mode

  • Truly Internet independent

    • Never lost functionality due to internet outages

  • Local Mode

    • iPad stations, printers, and even KDS continue to talk with each other without the internet.

  • Ability to go into local mode yourself without having to rely on IT support

  • Case Study: RSPA RetailNOW 2018

Fast and Simple Checkout

  • Semi-integrated payment processing

    • Credit card data never hits the POS. It all stays in the terminal.

    • Less susceptible to data breaches

    • Examples: Target and TJ Max

  • Accept all types of payments from cash to contactless

  • Secure, encrypted transactions

  • 90% of our deployments include the MP200L credit card terminal and USAePay gateway at no cost and with Paradise IT support.


Gift Card and Loyalty Program

  • Fully integrated within the POS

  • Data import option to migrate from another program

  • One card for both loyalty and gift

  • Loyalty can be done by card, name or phone number

  • Flat discount or points based rewards

  • Cards are made by Paradise POS and artwork is completely customizable

Customizable Menus and Pricing

  • Retail and Restaurant interfaces

  • Button permissions by employee or job

  • Easily modify items, add items or change pricing from any tablet across the entire system

  • Flexible menu building

  • Unlimited modifiers

Scale and Barcode Integration

  • NTEP Certified scales

  • Scan products in and out of inventory

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Cash Discount Program Technology

The Nuts and Bolts

  • 40% of consumers to pay via credit* and the number is rising

  • The cash discount program charges a fee on every transaction through the POS. If they pay with a cash or a gift card, the customer is granted a rebate and reimbursed the amount of the fee. Credit card payments do not receive the reward.

    * According to a 2016 TSYS Survey


The Nuts and Bolts

  1. Install Cash Discount Program Technology

  2. Determine Fee Amount % or $

  3. Apply Fee

  4. Reward Cash Transactions

  5. Collect Fees from Transactions

  6. Use Funds to Pay Merchant Fees



  • Roles

    • Every User of Paradise will have a role and multiple User roles can be assigned to each

  • Employee Database

    • Set up unique logins for each User as well as assign the role for the User

    • Also includes user info such as Birthdays, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.

  • Button Permissions

    • Gives you an on-screen visual of what buttons users have access to

    • Enables you to give certain Users more access or restrict buttons from employees

Additional Features

  • Clocking In and clocking Out

  • Start Break-End Break

  • Warning Threshold for Employee Hours

  • Complete Customization of Employee Accounts

  • Menu Templates for Specific Employee Roles

  • Employee House Accounts

  • Shift Reports

  • Daily Logs

  • Tip Share

  • Commission

  • Manager Cards



  • House accounts

    • Allow your customers to pay for tickets at a later time

    • Includes a ticket history

  • Layaway

    • Enables your customers to put tickets on layaway to be paid off over time

    • Includes a ticket history

  • Store Customer CC for House Accounts

    • Can store a customer’s credit card info so that a house account may be paid out later

  • CFD (Customer Facing Display)

    • Allows customer to view their tickets as its being rang up with totals on screen

  • Sign on iPad

    • With Sign on iPad enabled, your customer will be able to sign their credit card slip on the iPad

    • Receipt can still be printed when requested

  • Gift Cards

    • Offer pre-loaded customized gift cards that display your company logo

    • Included with this is a gift card balance look-up

Additional Features

  • Customer Database

  • Customer Marketing

  • Loyalty with Ticket History

  • House Accounts

  • Layaway

  • Store Customer CC for House Accounts

  • CFD (Customer Facing Display)

  • Sign on iPad

  • Gift Cards

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

  • With a KDS monitor connected to Paradise, your kitchen staff can see orders sent back to them on the display

  • Tickets will display: Name, Items on Ticket, Time Sent

  • Can customize the KDS as you see fit such as setting warning thresholds, configuring font size, or choosing how many rows of tickets you see on the display



  • Opening Cash Drawer

    • When an employee clocks in, Paradise will prompt the employee to open a cash drawer at the station

    • Can also be opened if the prompt is bypassed by going to Employee -> Open Cash Drawer

  • Drawer Blind Count

    • A blind count helps eliminate theft

  • Joining the Drawer/Virtual Drawer

    • All employees must be joined to a drawer for their cash payments to go toward the drawer

    • System can be set to automatically join employees to drawer

  • Drawer Recall

    • Allows you to review past and current cash drawers

    • Displays dates, times, stations, and drawer amounts

  • Pay In and Outs

    • Allows employees to make pay ins and outs to the drawer

  • Tip In-Tip Out

    • Can tip in and tip out employees such as serves who have made credit card tips they are owed by the business.

Inventory Database

  • Allow Item for EBT

    • Allows you to enable EBT for certain items in inventory with daily reporting for EBT sales

  • Add/Assign Vendors

    • Can add vendors information into Paradise so you can reorder stock

    • When vendors are assigned to items, you will be able to track what items you received and sell from that vendor

  • Bottle Redemption

    • For states that require a bottle tax on recyclable items

    • Apply a tax on items that customer cant return to be redeemed

  • Add Additional Fields

    • Allows you to set additional options for certain items such as size and color


  • Print Labels for Items

    • Can print labels with Name, SKU, and Price for items in your inventory if there is a compatible label printer attached

  • Price Check

    • When a SKU is attached to an item you can scan that item and do a price check for a customer without the need to ring up the item

  • Scale Integration

    • Perfect solution for weighing food items and liquor bottles to track sales/consumption

  • Ingredient Tracking with Coconut

    • Create recipes and track ingredient usage/remove from inventory based on those recipes



  • Customize Tickets

    • Customize the top of your tickets to display your logo, company info and customized footer text

  • Ticket Recall

    • Displays all tickets’ status; shows Ticket ID, Time, Employee, Payments, etc

    • Allows you to view, modify, reprint, and refund tickets

  • Prompt Ticket Type

    • Paradise can prompt you for a ticket type when making a new ticket (Start Tab, Delivery, To Go, Name, Customer, Table, Room)

  • Delivery

    • Quick create past orders and charge a fee with delivery orders

    • QR code is printed on the delivery ticket that is tied to Google Maps for turn by turn directions

    To Go

    • Allows you to mark a ticket as To Go and charge either a Flat Rate or Percent on To Go orders

  • Pre-Auth: Tickets for Bar Tabs

    • Pre-Authorize customer’s credit cards for an amount you set on bar tabs to be closed later

    • Can close a tab without the need for the customer’s card again

  • Schedule Tickets

    • allows you to set catering orders, To Go orders and delivery orders for a later time or date

Additional Features

  • Ticket Commands

  • Quick Pay and Fast Send

  • Transfer Tickets

  • Rental & Deposit Tickets

  • Split & Combine Tickets

  • Add Gratuity

  • Discounts

  • Default/Manual Discounts

  • Printer Routing

  • Emailing Tickets


  • Local Mode — If your internet goes down, your Paradise POS stations can still talk with one another. By not relying on just the cloud or just a local server, Paradise POS allows your devices to continue to work whether you are online or not.

  • Cloud Warning/SSID Warning —When the device has no connection, Paradise will prompt you to check your connection. If Paradise notices it isn’t connected to the correct network, it will prompt you to check your connection

  • Smart Tax —Allows specified items to act as tax free items, however if the ticket contains both Smart Tax and non-Smart Tax items, then all items will be taxed at their specified rates (Inclusive/Exclusive Tax)


  • Apple Pay

  • Custom Color Scheme

  • Table Diagrams

  • Multiple Payments

  • Custom Greeting

  • Online Dashboard Reporting

  • Cash Discount

  • Detailed Reporting

Requirements & Best Practices

For the Cash Discount

Cash Discount

Paradise POS allows for a service fee to be applied to all credit transactions, cash transactions will automatically rebate this fee at the time of payment.

  • Cash discount must be available to everyone - no exclusions

  • Signage announcing the discount for cash payments must be present

  • Receipts need to show the fee clearly

Example Cash Discount Sale

  • A cashier rings up $100.00 worth of merchandise including tax.

  • The point of sale adds a 3% fee to the total.

  • The shopper is presented with a $103.00 final bill for payment.

  • The customer presents cash or gift card for payment:

    • The 3% fee is deducted back off the final bill and the customer pays $100.00 and the credit back for using cash is printed on the receipt.

  • The customer presents a credit or debit card for payment

    • The total remains $103.00 and the 3% fee is printed as a separate line item on their receipt.