NCR Silver.png
  • Out-of-the-box, plug-and-play technology

  • Access to Back Office from any iPhone, home or office or anywhere

  • Bundled hardware peripherals

  • Back-office management tools

  • Integrated email marketing

  • Integrated gift cards and loyalty program

  • Delivery and takeout orders are listed separately in their own queue

  • All-in-one software system for selling, tracking and marketing

  • EMV Capable

NCR Silver Vs NCR Silver Pro

NCR Silver is perfect for single storefront, quick service restaurants, food trucks and independant service providers

More robust than NCR Silver, designed for the needs of full service restaurants that need more advanced functionality.

Stations can communicate between each other through a Mac Mini (required).

NCR Silver

NCR Silver Pro

Third Party Add On


  • ShoGo (API that integrates with Quickbooks) - Silver and Pro

  • TakeOut Technologies (Third Party for Delivery)


  • Core Enhanced Back Office

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Inventory Management

  • Employee Management

Loyalty & Gift Card

  • Valutec - Silver and Pro

  • GiveX - Silver and Pro

  • Paytronix - Pro

  • Chocktone - Pro

  • Paytronix - Loyalty - Pro

  • Relevant - Loyalty - Pro

Pizza Features

  • NCR Silver Bundle

    (iPad not included)

  • EMV Card Readers

  • Stands

  • Swivels

  • Printers

  • Barcode Scanners

  • Mobile Printers

Pricing NCR Silver

Four EMV Workstations

Upfront $700

Monthly $149

NCR Silver Workstation

Upfront $700

NCR Silver.jpg

Monthly $79

NCR Silver Pro Bundle include:

  • First Monthly License

  • iPad Stand (Black)

  • Receipt Printer (Black)

  • Cash Drawer

  • Standard CC Swipe/Reader

**A Mac Mini (2GB RAM 500GB HD and OSX Mavericks or newer) is required for the NCR Silver Pro system to communicate between two or more licensed stations and/or TABS - TABLE LAYOUT

**NCR Silver Pro can be used on a iPad 3 or higher version iPad, or iPad Mini, supplied by the End User, named above. iPad Pro will require Cling Stand

Best Fit for NCR Silver

NCR Silver

NCR shop pop.png
  • Small Retail / Boutique

  • Quick Service Restaurant

  • Independant Service Providers

NCR Silver Pro

  • Full Service Restaurants

  • Bars / Night Clubs